The Proof is in the Data

If Content is King, then Data would be the Crown. Simply put, no matter how creative or resourceful you are, all of your work could be for nothing without reliable data. There are various forms of data that you can collect, however, the data that matters the most is the kind that tells you who and what will drive sales. A common mistake for many entrepreneurs is to assume they know who will buy their product based on its intended use. What you don’t realize is that there are many factors involved in the selling and trading of goods and services. These factors can alter the “logical” perception of supply & demand. For example, it may be assumed that a pair of mens designer sunglasses would be purchased and marketed to men since that is who the intended end user of the sunglasses would be. Now imagine you do a test and advertise the same men’s sunglasses to both men & women for the sake of seeing what happens. After completing your test ads you find that more women purchased the sunglasses than men. This either means your product and packaging is too feminine and needs to be updated, or possibly this could be the “Gift Phenomenon”. The “Gift Phenomenon” is when sales are driven by a completely contrast audience from the intended end user of a product for the sole reason of that product being purchased as a gift. In this case, you now have a better idea of how to market your product and to whom. With more test ads and adjustments to your strategy, you will eventually isolate the key audience and method to selling to that audience. Now $10 spent on ads with this data will be worth more than $100 spent on ads towards the wrong audience.

UADV Brand Research #1

UADV takes on the role of “Brand Doctor” when performing brand research. The agency starts the research off with a Digital “Physical”. We take a general look at the brand and ask a series of questions to the owner(s) to get a general idea of where it stands now and any issues that have come up in the past. From there we begin to run through a standardized checklist of vital points on the brand’s presence that need to be addressed before any work is done. By doing this kind of a check-up, we are able to get a birds eye view of what is happening and what needs to be done to achieve the client’s goals with the brand. When it comes to responsibilities of individuals to check the brand, the work is actually done as a group to ensure all points of view are shared. It should be noted that UADV’s method of handling client work in this communal form has yielded extremely positive results when developing any of our client’s brands. Multiple creative eyes, minds, and perspectives always produces next level work. 

Competition Analysis

When building any brand, it’s vital that you see what the competition in your industry/niche is currently doing. There are a few reasons for this. One is to see what is already working without having to test it yourself. The other is to get inspiration for how to build your brand over theirs. Of all the problems you can face growing a brand, repeating the mistakes of past companies is a regretful experience. A common obstacle to performing this simple research is ego. Many times we want to feel as though we are the ultimate creators of our ideas. In some cases, you really are the first to do it. However, in many (MANY) other cases, you are not the first. That is OK. Being first is not always the best because it means you’re the first to make it and most likely the first to mess it up. When you look at the history of the most successful brands and companies in the world, you will see that they were not always the first companies to do what they are doing now. By skipping all of the obstacles and pitfalls of their former competitors, they were able to focus on what worked and made it better. Think bigger than your competition, but only after you have learned from them. This is the key to succeeding in any niche.

Data into Strategy

Once UADV has conducted an in depth review of a brand, its identity, and it’s competition, a strategy to market and grow the brand is developed. This strategy will not only be based off the data which allows it to be more objective as opposed to creating something based off pure assumption. If we know that the target audience is young women who are into makeup, then our designs and brand “voice” will be one that is speaking directly to that audience. Colors, fonts, and demographic settings in our social media ads will be tuned to match the specified audience. In this case of makeup, we would most likely use words that are common to the age group that was most prominent within the data. For colors, we will work with the brand’s color palette while incorporating elements that are known to be popular with the target audience. Aside from visual aspects of the strategy, long term goals will be established to develop and “teach” our target audience what we want them to do when engaging with the brand. This is crucial to have long term success with any brand. Once people have chosen to engage and even purchase from your brand, you will need to set up a cycle of some sort that continuously keeps those people buying from and engaging with it. This can be done with weekly newsletters, video blogs, and or monthly giveaways. All of this is possible once UADV has conducted the proper research and collected all of the relevant data.

Need to have some research done on your brand and its target audience? Hire UADV to handle just that. With our team of branding specialists, we will identify exactly where and how you need to market your brand.


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