There's no better investment into your business than a marketing consultant. UADV is trained in multiple facets of marketing to make the good, great – and the great, greater.

  1. What is Consulting?
  2. Behind our Consulting Strategy
  3. The Benefits of Consulting Services?
  4. Who We've Consulted For
  5. Common Questions on Consulting Services

What is Consulting?

A marketing consultant helps businesses in developing and putting into action the best strategies to reach their target market. Consultants like UADV can give guidance on anything from client communication to advertising campaigns.

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Behind Our Consulting Strategy

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Sales Funnel Audit

We know that happy customers = returning customers. And we know that the best way to keep your customers happy is by making sure they have a great experience from the moment they land on your site. So we'll run through your sales funnel—whether you have a sales team or just sell online—and help you identify any potential bottlenecks.

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Competitive Analysis

We'll analyze and compare your business against your biggest competitors. Our deep dive contains over 70+ points on what your industry is currently doing with their website content, domain analytics, search engine traffic, social media, and more.
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Campaign Optimization

Already have a current ad campaign running? That's awesome! We encourage you to get acquainted with the platform. Our team will take a look at your current campaigns and see potential opportunities to improve metrics and results. It'll also help us see what's already working for you and what isn't.
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Weekly Zoom Calls

We'll train your team hands-on during weekly Zoom calls that are all pre-recorded for your team to access at any time. Our goal is to ensure things are being implemented correctly and efficiently.

the benefits of Consulting Services

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Unlock More Time

Consulting services gives you back time to spend on further developing your business instead of figuring out the best marketing strategy.
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Discover a Fresh Perspective

It's common to get sucked into your business and miss small little details. That's why we're here to give you a bird-eye-view into your business.
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Feel Supported on Your Journey

As business owners ourselves, we know the journey is rough. If you're ever feeling lost or want to throw an idea at us, you can hit us up on our on-demand group chat.
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Expert Knowledge on Trends

Our team has contributed to outlets like Forbes, Inc., One37PM, and more – so it's our job to be in the loop at the most recent and popular marketing trends.

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Why UADV is the best option for Consulting Services

  • Unlike other marketing consulting agencies, you get clear and transparent pricing with zero hidden fees. We also believe in NO long-term contracts so you'll never be locked into something you're not happy with.
  • Get your questions answered and your concerns addressed immediately. Enjoy access to on-demand group chats with our team. You can also directly schedule a slot in our calendar to speak with your marketing team at any time.
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Common Questions on Consulting Services

After speaking to you about your business goals and overall picture, we'll determine the best strategy for marketing. We'll do a sweep across your industry and examine your biggest competitors and see what your business could be missing out on. Now the magic happens and we break down our strategy into an action plan. Our team will train your team hands-on and guide them throughout the campaign buildout and make sure everything gets implemented correctly and on-time.

Marketing consultations can work for ANY type of business. We've worked with industries like meal plan companies, asphalt maintenance businesses, e-commerce stores, and more that have all increased their website presence by using our consulting services.

The cost of marketing consulting services varies depending on the provider's expertise and the project's scope.

However, most consulting services fall into one of two categories:

1. Project-based: With this pricing model, you pay for a specific project. For example, you might pay to have an ad campaign created, brand launch campaign, overall business development, etc. The price will vary depending on the scope of the project.

2. Monthly retainer: With a monthly retainer, you pay a set fee every month for ongoing consulting work. This is the best option if you're looking to grow your business and generate some serious results. The monthly fee can range from $500 to $20,000+ per month.

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Our team will compare you to your biggest competitors in your industry across multiple points from SEO to social media so you can find strengths & weaknesses in your business.

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