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We’re a full-service agency that markets your products or services through profitable ad strategies.

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Generating millions in revenue & traffic for various industries.

A Small Team that Drives Big Results. 

The truth is ... marketing actually works! But only if you're doing it right. A correct mix of strategies, tactics, and channels will get you results, while the wrong mix will leave you frustrated and wondering what you're doing wrong.  

UADV is a top-performing digital marketing agency that helps get your products or services in front of the right audience using profitable advertising strategies.

We don't just run ads, we're a full service digital ad agency that generates short and long term results to multiply your ROI through data-driven decisions.

Our team of reliable (no-nonsense) marketing experts will dissect your offer and customer journey to find potential weak points that may be holding you back from hitting your goals.

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the proof is all in the data.

This is a BS-Free zone. We only take data-driven decisions to improve what's working and fix what's not.

Where do I begin? UADV are some of the most professional people I’ve done business with.

They truly care about delivering top tier service in a timely matter (In digital products this is key). I couldn’t recommend them enough. 10/10 All day.


Organic Traffic
in 6 months


Ranked Keywords
in 2 months

UADV went above and beyond with their services. The entire team was super responsive and professional even to the point where they personally came to our office to showcase the progress of their work on our site and business. Amazing work and dedication UADV has and it clearly shows! Thank you!!!


Total Collected
TIkTok Views


Increase in
Conversion Rate

UADV calls themselves "The Powerhouse" with good reason! Alex and Michelle are always ready to go and always on top of their game.  They have a wide breadth of knowledge about internet marketing and they aren't afraid to get in the trenches and get things DONE when they believe in a project.


Collected in
Advertising Revenue


Increase in
Purchase Value

Every marketing agency I've ever worked with lacked creativity and weren't trained in human psychology. Working with Michelle and her team relieved a lot of stress from our creative department and brought a fresh perspective that converted customers.


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Pieces Storewide

Top 5

Products within 1st
Month of Launch

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They Can Steal our recipe but the sauce won't taste the same.

  • Unlike other agencies, you get clear and transparent pricing with zero hidden fees or long-term contracts.
  • We don't do project managers. You have on-demand access to the people directly running your campaigns.
  • Have an issue going on? Our team is trained to help you find solutions you need (not excuses).

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More than 185+ words and definitions to help you understand the digital marketing landscape. We define terms in various categories relating to online marketing like web design, SEO, and more. With the Digital Marketing Dictionary, you can have a full understanding of what's what in the marketing world. We conveniently broke down definitions by categories so you can quickly access what you need - when you need it (as simple as that).

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