How will you audit my business?

We will assess your brand guidelines and audience personas to know who we are talking to and how we are talking to them. We will also review your past successful actions and also any past failures. We analyze your customer journey and your offer. We will determine the lowest hanging fruit along with any new opportunities that can be looked into. 

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

We don't offer long-term contracts. For ongoing services, we work with 30-day rolling agreements that can be canceled anytime. One-time projects will consist of service agreements whose timelines will be determined by the scope of work. 

Can you break up the payments?

We collect full payment upfront for our services. They are not broken down into payment installments.  

Do you accept crypto payments?

Yes, we accept crypto, cash, credit card, Paypal, Zelle, and wire transfers.

How does your consulting service operate?

Our consulting service works based on the complexity of your scope of work. Our standard consulting periods last 30-60 days. For more info, visit consulting page.

Do you have service packages? If so, what are they?

We offer SEO, Instagram and Facebook ads, Google and Youtube Ads, Tik Tok ads, consulting packages, and web development. The package pricing depends on how much you need for the service to be done. We always recommend having a kick-off call with us so we can understand your goals and make a laser-focused proposal. 

Are you able to manage my campaigns?

Yes, we can manage all aspects of your digital marketing campaigns, From content planning to copywriting to audience research and website optimizations and reporting. 

Where are you based?

We are mainly based in Miami, Florida but have team members operating around the country and around the world. 

How often can we be in contact with you?

We stay in contact with our clients/partners on a daily basis through instant messaging to make real-time decisions. 

What if I'm already working with an agency? 

That's great! The internet is a big place, and most likely, there are areas you are not generating revenue from. We locate those areas and help you create cash flow. This can be done without interrupting any existing marketing efforts. We also provide consulting services where we train your marketing team hands-on and teach them our strategies. 

How will I know the sales are coming from your campaigns?

Our campaigns are properly tricked with Google Analytics 4 and Google tag manager. And all traffic is run to designated landing pages to ensure all traffic converted comes from our marketing efforts. 

Are there any cancellation penalties? 

You must give us a minimum notice of 30 days before the next billing period so we can prepare to offboard you and leave all the proper reports and tutorials in place for you or your next agency. 

Do you build funnels?

Yes, we build funnels on platforms like Webflow, Clickfunnels, and WordPress.

Do I speak to an account manager?

We have no account managers. You speak to the CMO and Marketing Director directly, so nothing gets lost in translation.

How many clients do you work with?

We only accept a few clients at a time, as not every deal is a good deal. We look for quality, not quantity. We work with clients who meet our perfect client traits. As a result, we work with 6-8 recurring clients at a time on average. We also service a handful one time clients periodically for consulting-related projects. 

Are you able to make website changes when managing ecomm stores?

Yes, we are able to make updates to page structure, automation, lead magnets, graphic design, and copywriting across multiple platforms.  

Do you do in-house copywriting?

Yes, we do. Our trained team of copywriters has gone through a year of training with us and is educated in the art of human psychology and persuasion. Our staff regularly attends conferences and studies books on the topics of copywriting, sales, and body language. We use a proprietary auditing system to update and create sales and marketing copy. 

 Can you market brick and mortar stores?

Yes, we market brick-and-mortar stores using organic and paid advertising strategies. From retail to bars, clubs, and restaurants, we are able to service multiple types of businesses. 

Can you market service-based businesses?

Service-based businesses are usually looking for highly qualified leads that actually show up to the phone call or appointment. We carefully craft campaigns that not only bring you qualified leads but also keep them connected to you through multiple touchpoints, ensuring the highest show rate and ultimately close rate. 

Can you sell ecomm products?

Yes, we have the capability to fully operate an ecomm brand. We can handle paid ads, web page management to automation, email, text marketing, copywriting, design, tracking, and reporting. 

What if I already have an in-house marketing team?

We actually prefer that! We make the good great and the great greater. We do this by skill transferring and knowledge transferring our winning strategies to your existing team through our consulting packages. If your marketing team doesn't have the bandwidth to scale, we are also happy to fortify any weak areas.

Do you work with performance-based incentives/ revenue share?

Yes, we have retainer/revenue share models that offer flexibility for you as a client, and this acts as an incentive for our team to perform. 

Why are you so expensive?

We don't compete for price. We compete for results. You're paying for a decade of digital marketing with highly skilled staff. You're paying for results, not empty promises. 

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