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UADV is more than an agency, we are a creative marketing machine. Everything that makes us what we are is based off of what we thrive on. That is the utilization of both traditional and new age marketing tools while constantly doing research on better, more effective ways of marketing products and ideas. When it comes to our methods, they maintain the same level of focus and dedication as we have had since the beginning, yet our form of execution evolves with time. With that being said, we’re going to dive into some of the current tools and methods that UADV utilizes to achieve the kind of positive results we do. 

Facebook/Instagram Ads

This may seem like a no brainer, but the truth is that advertising through the 2 largest social media platforms in the world is as difficult as understanding your target audience. The reason for this is that these platforms are constantly evolving, changing their algorithms and altering the way in which content is fed to users on their platform. This means that we have to always be educating ourselves and applying newly released techniques/tools that are provided by the platforms to allow us to maintain the value we get from them. If you were to apply the same methods of selling a product on Facebook or Instagram as you did 5 years ago, then it is almost guaranteed that you will be losing out on sales and growth. It isn’t just creating a nice ad, it takes research, analyzing data from test ads, taking courses on new tools, and more. At UADV, social media ads are one of the biggest drivers of sales and brand awareness, however, this is only achieved after multiple team members have devoted a number of hours and work to create ads that convert as high as they do. 

Email Marketing

One of the earliest forms of marketing within the digital age is through Emails. As much as the world has evolved digitally, Emails are still a central part of everyone’s digital experience. The difference between an ad you see on a billboard or social media platform and an email sent directly to you is the fact that one is impersonal, the other is absolutely personal. One way or another, the email you received was sent directly to you which means it is much more specific. It must be noted that email marketing is effective, but also risky in that you must be emailing a list that is relevant and legally possible for you to email. A common issue is the sale and purchase of stolen email address lists and/or “dead” lists that are full of email addresses that are either no longer valid or have no value to what you are offering them. If you send out an email blast and it receives a high opt-out %, then you are most likely sending the wrong email to the wrong people. On the flip side, if your list is full of dead email addresses, then you will have no positive results and will have lost any money you spent on obtaining the list. If you are emailing a healthy, relevant list and you send an email that is made for people to want to engage with your email’s content, then you will experience a very positive conversion rate. The reason for this is that you hit the right person who wants what you are offering them. Besides relevancy, you are approaching them within their personal digital space. Instead of a random banner, they are reached out to directly with something they are looking for. The rate of return on an investment to develop a healthy list is extremely high when compared to other forms of marketing. 

Messenger Marketing (Chatbots)

With all of the places we go to online, one of the most common due to social media is the messenger apps. In this case we will focus on Facebook Messenger which is an incredibly personal way to communicate and drive a sale. Instead of waiting for someone to see an ad or open an email, imagine being reached out to through a direct message? The value here is that it’s a literal conversation being had instead of a bait and hook scenario. When individuals are engaged directly by a person or an AI Chat Bot, a lead into a sale is much more likely as the user is being brought to it as opposed to lured. This form is highly effective, however, is very difficult to apply on a massive scale. High volume conversions using this method are much more likely when you have created a reason for a user to engage with a page that has a chat bot setup within it to quickly and efficiently engage with any users visiting the page and lead them to a sale or information capture. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The unsung hero of organic sales. This term “SEO” is constantly being used, but very few individuals understand the power and value that come from having a website developed with SEO in mind. The reason for this is that you can’t see SEO in action until you measure the amount of conversions being made overtime without the help of ads or paid marketing. SEO is basically the “fish-net” that your digital presence has across the internet based off the content within the website. This ranges from videos and pictures that are meta tagged to blogs and written content that discuss various topics that are relevant to what your site offers. The key here is to develop so many layers of content and ways for someone to find your product/site online without seeing an advertisement. In the end you will be making sales with $0 spent as they are being made organically from users discovering your website while searching the internet.

Google Adwords

This is the most basic form of helping your site appear more in google search results. It is debatable as to the value of Google Adwords in comparison to other forms of marketing and growing your website, however, what is not debatable is the value you get when your site is appearing in more places due to keywords that people are using in direct relation to what you offer. For example, if I am creating a marketing plan for a local landscaping company then I’m going to ensure that when people type the name of the city the company is located in and the service it offers that it is one of the first results to appear. This is done by purchasing digital real estate on the keywords that people are searching for in Google on a daily basis. By putting money into Google Adwords, you will guarantee that your site will appear in front of potential customers. Keep in mind though that an extensive amount of research should be done on the popularity of keywords related to your company before you dedicate a budget to purchasing Google Adwords.

Content Marketing

The most creative form of marketing is Content Marketing. This has become the bread and butter to the current digital marketing frontier. The popular phrase “Content is King” applies to this as all creative assets and designs that are made to market the brand fall under this umbrella. The type of content you create must be more than just visually beautiful, it needs to be relevant and strike an emotion within the viewer. You can have high resolution videos and pictures all day, but if the subject or subject matter isn’t relevant or appropriate to your target audience, then it is no good. Research and testing is key to establishing the right kind of content you create for your brand. Never assume that you know what your customers/followers like. You will be surprised to see that in most cases, the things you think are no good end up being the most effective and vice versa.

Marketing Funnels

One of the more complex yet highly effective methods to marketing are funnels. Marketing Funnels provide a way for there to be an organized and effective way of converting someone without hoping that a single ad or email will do the job. Most of the people that engage with any brand or product will not convert. The math is actually so universal across the board that it is an understanding that no company will achieve a majority of sales over the amount of people that engage with the brand. So then what happens to the people that don’t convert their first time around? A marketing funnel not only answers that question, it also creates a continuous form of reaching out to the same people that didn’t convert in another form that is made to be more effective. If that 2nd time around doesn’t work then there is yet another way with more value given to the user for them to be motivated to make the conversion. Only after all possible methods of converting someone have been attempted do you now stop trying to bring the user back into the funnel. You will have effectively done all that you could to generate that conversion which will allow you to stop marketing to users that are highly unlikely to convert.

Lead Page Optimization (Landing Page)

Once you’ve created ads, funnels, SEO, and chat bots, the final thing to do is create an optimized lead generation page or “Landing Page”. This is not only important but necessary in order for you to convert any of the leads you have acquired through your marketing techniques. The page will be designed to be in accordance with the experience the user has had to reach the page in the first place such as similar color scheme, font, imagery, etc. as the advertisement they clicked on to reach the page. Aside from the design aesthetic, the layout and content of the page must be setup in a way to allow the least amount of confusion and the most amount of direction for the user on the page. They should essentially be lead to the sale through the setup of the content. Measuring your page’s bounce rate is extremely important to know whether or not you are leading users to a page that is making them interested in what you are offering or completely turning them off for other reasons such as lack of relevance or value.

UADV is one of the top Forbes Accredited Marketing Agencies because of our in depth knowledge of the industry, tools, and methods to achieve real results. It is also a point of pride when we can talk about the many examples we have utilizing the above methods to achieve the kind of success we have for our clients. Contact UADV today to have us take your brand to the next level with a world class team that is ready to go when you are.


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