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As a brand new brand to the space, Soundak wanted to take over the market and develop an easy way for customers to acquire hearing aids without the hassle and stress. With almost no website traffic and a sales funnel, Soundak needed a way to generate consistent leads for their sales team to close via phone calls.

Client Goals

  • Drive more sales
  • Generate leads
  • Build a sales funnel
  • Become an industry leader

Our Strategy

UADV built a strategy using Google Ads and SEO to attract an older-crowd audience to Soundak. We further developed their sales funnel to prevent any bottle necks or lost leads in the pipeline.

We also redesigned their entire website to easily generate leads for the Soundak sales team to close on phone calls as well as generate store purchases.

Action Items

1. Create a targeted keyword list based on Soundak competitors and general search terms.

2. Establish the brand as an industry leader.

3. Automate the business systems for sales and marketing.

4. Implement a sales funnel on social media through curated content.

Our Results


Total Sales Increase


Average Order Value
ecommerce store marketing
ecommerce store marketing

Mindie Price

Founder of Soundak
UADV made the brand building process stress-free. I trusted them completely and they took Soundak to a whole new level. The phones were constantly ringing and it was so exciting seeing my store bringing in sales and leads.
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