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Introduction is recognized by thousands of clients as the #1 trusted source for the best selection of asphalt maintenance equipment. With some of the best customer support, Asphalt Kingdom offers unbeatable prices on premium quality asphalt crack repair and sealcoating machines. Being industry leaders is not an easy title to maintain – Asphalt Kingdom was looking for assistance in optimizing their current Facebook ads campaigns to generate more consistent revenue. Their team also wanted to improve their capabilities of tracking conversions in each step of the funnel.

Client Goals

  • Drive more sales
  • Increase average order value
  • Optimize current Facebook strategy
  • Properly track and report data

Our Strategy

Before launching the first ad, it was essential that our team fully understand exactly how each asphalt machine worked. From crack filling to seal coating, it was important to know what they were and how they were meant to be used.

This allowed us to identify product features, benefits, FAQ’s, and other key info that would help us build out a sales copy framework for a Facebook and Instagram ads strategy. 

With Asphalt Kingdom’s extensive data across multiple channels, this gave us the opportunity to understand the customer's digital behavior to set the foundation for a multi-product campaign launch.

Action Items

1. Take on existing ads and increase CTR’s with newly placed ad copy. We lowered CPM’s and CPA’s through new ad variations within existing campaigns which led to lower frequency and less ad fatigue.

2. Implement a new top, middle and bottom of the funnel campaign structure to run simultaneously. 

3. Dive deep into creating new segmented audiences from existing data to generate more avenues of revenue. 

4. Create an automated messenger bot to handle support for lead generation.

5. Audit negative keyword list on Google Ads to spend campaign budget effectively.

Our Results


from UADV Facebook ad campaigns


Return on ad spend in 1 month
facebook ads campaigns


Cost per Purchase


Purchase Value

Amie Colquhoun

CEO of Asphalt Kingdom
UADV calls themselves "The Powerhouse" with good reason!  Alex and Michelle are always ready to go and always on top of their game.  They have a wide breadth of knowledge about internet marketing and they aren't afraid to get in the trenches and get things DONE when they believe in a project.  We've worked with them several times and will continue to do so.
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