Critically Acclaimed Canadian R&B Artist Teams Up with UADV

Alex Quin
August 7, 2023

Who Is Plaza? 

Plaza is a critically acclaimed R&B artist based out of Toronto, Canada. In 2016, Plaza released his debut EP titled "One" as an independent artist. This Extended play featured terrific vocals and thought-provoking lyrics from Plaza. It soon turned into a fan's favorite and collected millions of views on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music & more. 

This uproar in the R&B genre caught the attention of famous R&B singer Drake's Label, OVO, who went on to sign Plaza into OVO/Warner records in April 2017. 

2017 saw the release of Plaza's second EP, along with four other singles under OVO. 4 years later, Plaza has published 16 songs that have garnered over 50 million streams on Spotify alone!

Today, Plaza has moved on from OVO and now pursues an independent career in the R&B genre. Fans worldwide eagerly await his return this year, with an album set to release this October 1, 2021.

Plaza Twitter

Found on Forbes

CMO at UADV, Alex Quin, published an article on Forbes recently "How Digital Marketing Is Transforming The Music Industry" . He spoke on how these two industries have transformed one another and how marketing is fundamental to the growth of a musical artist’s career.

That’s when Plaza’s team read this article and was intrigued by Alex's thorough understanding of the digital marketing industry. Seeing as Plaza was ready to switch gears and move his career forward with marketing, it wasn't a tough decision to reach out to our CMO and get things moving.

Using Marketing Strategies to Amplify Musical Careers 

With a more clear vision of how he wanted to contribute and operate within today’s music industry, PLAZA and his team set about becoming independent. Forming Shadow Records Inc. in time with his first Independent release, the first single ’Still Alive’ signified a return on his own terms.

Plaza seeks to push his musical career forward with the help of tactical marketing strategies and campaigns. And this is where we come in! We believe that it's everyone's right to have access to top-notch marketing. The team at UADV will work hand-in-hand with Plaza's team to expand his current reach and ensure his music reaches the right audience.

Plaza’s Integrated Marketing And Communications Strategy

The UADV team will work to harmonize Plaza’s marketing strategy into a cohesive, integrated omni channel approach for his new upcoming album. From text and email marketing, to optimized digital ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and additionally PR (Press Relations) - we plan on merging all of these with a constant on-brand message that relates to Plaza’s current fanbase. We will also be using that same brand voice to further indoctrinate and prime new listeners to become loyal listeners and ultimately customers..

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