Creative Concept
Content Creation


Introduce HGreg.com as the leading competitor in automotive sales in the South Florida market.

Client Goals

  • Drive more sales
  • Be the highest volume automotive dealer
  • Advertise on billboards and radio
  • Become an industry leader

Our Strategy

Tri-County ATL & BTL advertising campaign to help HGreg.com become the highest volume automotive dealership in the region.

Action Items

1. Create an advertising strategy with the following:
a. Billboards
b. Radio Advertising
c. Bus Benches & Wraps

2. Design content with converting copy to distribute.

Our Results


At HGreg.com, they decided to redefine the status-quo, and do things differently. They simplified the entire process, so that you get the car you want, at the price you want. Since they buy cars in high volume, HGreg is able to offer you wholesale prices you won’t be able to find elsewhere. You’ll drive off in your dream car, in full confidence. It’s that simple.

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