Graphic Design

Graphic design has taken over the world as the primary method of creating nearly every branded artwork you see. UADV has some of the best graphic designers in the industry who do more than design, they innovate. A dedicated graphic designer must do more than just what is asked, they will see deeper into the design than the one requesting it to be made. This is key to consistently putting out quality designs while constantly taking things to the next level. UADV clients almost never ask for revisions due to the fact that the designs go beyond their expectations. They feel as though the designer was committed to maintaining their brand’s voice and appeal throughout their designs.

Logo Design

Our creative process, work rate, and efficiency goes beyond our client’s expectations. This is because everyone operates on a frequency that makes the work get done quicker and better than if it were outsourced elsewhere. The team is able to communicate and share with one another even if they aren’t specialized in each other’s task. For example, if a UADV graphic designer is working on a client logo, it is easy for them to put their ego aside and share their designs with other UADV team members to get a different perspective of things. Everyone has a valued input which in turn lessens the amount of client requested revisions. This is the definition of a true Creative Team. Choosing the right creative team is essential to whether they'll help your company rise to the top or miss the mark when delivering your brand’s message.


Creative Concept

This is the most basic form of helping your site appear more in google search results. It is debatable as to the value of Google Adwords in comparison to other forms of marketing and growing your website, however, what is not debatable is the value you get when your site is appearing in more places due to keywords that people are using in direct relation to what you offer. For example, if I am creating a marketing plan for a local landscaping company then I’m going to ensure that when people type the name of the city the company is located in and the service it offers that it is one of the first results to appear. This is done by purchasing digital real estate on the keywords that people are searching for in Google on a daily basis. By putting money into Google Adwords, you will guarantee that your site will appear in front of potential customers. Keep in mind though that an extensive amount of research should be done on the popularity of keywords related to your company before you dedicate a budget to purchasing Google Adwords.

Custom Animations

One of the more complex yet highly effective methods to marketing are funnels. Marketing Funnels provide a way for there to be an organized and effective way of converting someone without hoping that a single ad or email will do the job. Most of the people that engage with any brand or product will not convert. The math is actually so universal across the board that it is an understanding that no company will achieve a majority of sales over the amount of people that engage with the brand. So then what happens to the people that don’t convert their first time around? A marketing funnel not only answers that question, it also creates a continuous form of reaching out to the same people that didn’t convert in another form that is made to be more effective. If that 2nd time around doesn’t work then there is yet another way with more value given to the user for them to be motivated to make the conversion. Only after all possible methods of converting someone have been attempted do you now stop trying to bring the user back into the funnel. You will have effectively done all that you could to generate that conversion which will allow you to stop marketing to users that are highly unlikely to convert.


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